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Indian Riders Fest Budweis, 10. - 12.6. 2022

Friday June 10 came at last and our club could go to probably the biggest Indian event of the year – Indian Riders Fest. It took place in České Budějovice. About two and a half thousand motorcycles and almost three and a half thousand riders from different parts of the world arrived. The riders from Abu Dhabi and Japan had travelled the furthest distance. The largest group arrived from France, but thex were not wearing uniform "colors". The Lady Riders were also well represented, not only as "backpackers".

Our club gradually came to the Exhibition Grounds in České Budějovice, where a all the riders could enjoy a rich accompanying programme. Stunt demonstrations, concerts, demonstration rides and much more. There were a lot of stalls with refreshments and even more stalls with biker products. There was also „Ňúmen“ with his „Vostrý“ booth and a trio of Indian knives, which everyone admired.

In the evening, Catering was opened for the owners of the VIP Rally Pack. The highlight of the evening was a concert by the band Dymytry. The most famous songs were the hits "Jako Indian", "Země Krále Miroslava" and "Lidice". The concert was very successful… After the last tones of the band’s concert, most of the participants went to their accommodation…

On Saturday early in the morning, a hot air balloon flew over our heads. It introduced us to a new day that offered a lot of beautiful experiences. First, the so-called Legends visited the Budějovice Exhibition Center. The shifting to the graceful ride took place during the sunny morning. Our riders joined the Lady Riders and enjoyed their "spaniel". The ride led through Hluboká nad Vltavou, all the way to Budweis Square of Přemysl Otakar II., It was about 20 km long. Budweis Square was almost full of motorcycles. Beautiful view, indeed. The flags of all participating clubs were "hoisted" and the square full of motorcycles was being photographed. After less than two hours, the riders began to drive from the square back to the fairgrounds and various other sightseeing places in the area.

Our club met at the fairgrounds and we talked about various interesting topics, some riders went to a stunt and rodeo shows. The greatest success was airbrush tattoos, most members united with the "bush" - the motif of the head of an Indian. This was followed by the opening of the feast like the previous day. At around nine o'clock the announcement of the "best" riders took place. For example, riders from the longest distance, the oldest rider, the oldest machine and so on. Among other things, the largest group in the United Colors was announced. Our group won. There were 36 of us. We celebrated it a lot…

We danced really well at the Nirvana Revival concert. After the concert the raffle came. It was the moment which everyone had been looking forward to all the weekend. Our club won a price, as well. Congratulations… The main prize was an Indian CHIEFTAIN motorcycle. Congratulations to Mr. Pascal Nigout. After the draw, a large part of the riders went to bed. Others celebrated until the early morning hours.

On Sunday morning, the whole area gradually woke up and the riders slowly packed their things, fixed them to their machines and headed for their homes. Several photos of IMRG Prague were created. Then only saying goodbye and each of us left for our direction…

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For IMRG Prague Petra Zachová

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